Telenco networks designs, manufactures (in its Factory in France and through its production unit in Portugal) and commercializes equipment and solutions destined for copper and fiber optic telecommunication networks in France and abroad.

Created in 1999 under the Telenco brand (Telecommunications Engineering Company), it was the first of the three members of the group.

A period of rapid growth followed the creation of Telenco as the company sought to provide innovative solutions to meet the needs of fast-growing telecommunications markets (in particular, the emerging fibre optic market). This growth was also due to Telenco’s ability to provide tailor-made products to its customers that reply to customers’ precise technical briefs. This rapid surge of growth necessitated a change in strategy to ensure that Telenco could continue to meet client demands.

During this period, Telenco networks, already known for its expertise in the aerial suspension/anchoring, copper connection and optical cable markets, started to exploit its highly innovative R&D team, in order to develop comprehensive FTTH (Fibre-to-the-Home) solutions for suburban areas/MDUs. Today, Telenco networks exports to over 50 countries, with over 66% of turnover emanating from international markets.

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