3M is a global company that applies science to develop products and solutions that make life easier, better and more complete for people all around the world. The 3M Science exists in more than 50.000 products that the company provides in 12 areas of expertise: Health Care, Manufacturing, Automotive, Safety, Electronics, Energy, Commercial Solutions, Transportation, Communication, Design & Construction, Consumer and Mining, Oil & Gas.

Founded in 1902, 3M today is a part of the 30 companies of the Dow Jones Industrial Average Stock Index. With headquarters in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA, 3M operates globally through 70 subsidiaries to reach over 200 countries. 3M employs approximately 91.584 people, who uncover new connections between seemingly unrelated markets and more than 40 diverse technology platforms.

3M Hellas, present in Greece from 1970, distributes 3M products in Greece & Cyprus.

For more information, please visit: http://www.3M.gr//