ARRIS has a 60-year legacy of advancing industry progress in TV, Internet, telephony, and the connected home—including firsts in digital TV and wireless broadband. Throughout its history, the people of ARRIS have dedicated their towards pioneering standards and pathways for bringing innovation across the globe. As a global innovator in IP, video and broadband technology, ARRIS continually works with our customers to transform entertainment and communications to solve the most pressing challenges of 21st century communications.

Today, the industry’s major growth opportunities are a result of consumer demand for more content across more devices in more places. ARRIS is uniquely positioned—through a combination of innovation, technology, and expertise—to deliver these experiences across the entire content delivery chain.

ARRIS solutions span the cloud, network, and home—providing a holistic approach to solving the fundamental industry challenges of network scalability, broad content delivery, and service monetization.

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