Fiber To The Room

Fiber To The Room (FTTR)

Fiber to the room (FTTR) aims in delivering the ultimate experience in the hotel industry, as guests expect the same or better ‘at home’ experience when traveling on business or pleasure.

Research findings show that the internet related issues are at the top of guests’ list when rating their hotel experience, with fast and free internet being the most important hotel amenity, followed by the number of strategically placed outlets placed in the room and the control they have over the room’s temperature, music and lights. With the Fiber to the Room (FTTR) technology, hotel owners secure the 5-star guest experience that travellers are seeking.  

The advantage of Fiber to the Room are numerous.  Fiber optic cables replace coaxial cables which offer limitations to the internet broadband and have high maintenance costs.  Fiber technology, being a future proof technology, has not maintenance costs and can support the latest smart technologies which make a hotel room a state of the art technology (WI-FI AP, VOIP, IP Camera, IoT etc.) offering full room control to the guests.

RedMax Technologies is the first company in Cyprus which, in partnership with Calix USA, can design and implement fiber optic networks in hotels (new or renovated) which value the top 5-star guest experience.

For more details on how the FTTR technology works  you can call on +357 22 294980 or send an e-mail to and a dedicated RedMax representative will get in touch with you.