Turnkey Solutions (sub)

Turnkey Solutions

Regardless of complexity, degree of difficulty and technical advancement, RedMax offers turnkey solutions for telecommunication networks: design and development, implementation, maintenance and support.

Telecom network solutions are designed and developed as per customers’ needs and objectives in order to fulfil their current expectations; not only in terms of quality and efficiency, but also in terms of cost effectiveness. Furthermore, any future customer expectations are also challenged through RedMax’s systematic use of its field expertise and advanced technological knowhow.

The implementation phase encompasses the provision of all services required to meet customers’ expectations as per design and development specifications. These services include installation, testing and commissioning and are carried out through a vast number of specialized service elements including, among others, Splicing, Enclosures, Passive & Active Equipment and Test & Measurement Equipment. 

Upon implementation and delivery of completed projects, RedMax’s role is still active by offering 24/7 support all year around through a vast number of services including maintenance & repair and post-commissioning operations.  As part of this active supportive role, RedMax even produces customer-length fiber optic patch cords and pigtails and assembles all types of cables and connectors, at its own local assembly facility, in order to provide to fast after sales service.