Advantages (sub)


The only one in the Middle East: RedMax Assembly Lab is a certified Huber + Suhner LAS, the only one in the Middle East area. Its strategic geographical position enables fast and easy shipments to the Middle East countries.

Fast production pace: Due to RedMax's flexible and adjustable operational structure, production time can be really fast; even next day deliveries are possible if order specifications allow it.

Quality at its best: RedMax Assembly Lab can assemble quality products under international standards and in accordance to Huber + Suhner's strict quality procedures. In fact, the Lab is working under ISO 9001: 2015 international standards which basically certify an organization’s ability to consistently provide products and services which meet customer regulatory requirements. Any product before leaving the Lab is tested and verified ensuring that the highest of quality is delivered with every product shipped. Furthermore, Huber + Suhner inspects and certifies the Lab's quality standards before issuing the yearly LAS certification.

Competitive prices: Lab's production line is very limited, exclusive and specialized; for this reason costs are low and consequently prices are very competitive.